The Youth in Transition Program aims to assist young people transitioning from the child welfare sector into adulthood and independence.

The Youth in Transition (YIT) worker helps youth (ages 16 to 24) connect with educational, employment, housing, life skills, mental health and other resources in their communities. The program works from a strength-based youth driven framework, which means: the program is voluntary and based on whether the young person feels they need further support.

The list of supports that the YIT Worker provides could include:

  • Day-to-day emotional support, guidance and motivation to explore young person’s goals;
  • Assistance looking for employment, education or housing;
  • Help with building life skills in areas related to finances, budgeting, relationships, living independently, amongst other things.
  • Linking individuals with people who might become long-term supports in their life, such as doctors, counsellors, and friends and family networks;
  • Support building community and joining up with services that promote wellness and healthy living;
  • Advocacy in accessing mental health and addiction programs to create stability
Specific Contact
YIT Program accepts referrals from youth and service providers in Guelph-Wellington and Dufferin County. Young people and/or community service providers who have further questions about the program or would like to make a referral are invited to contact Adam Metcalf  (; Tel. 519-822-4400).