The Bellevue Supportive Housing Project has begun!

The Youth Centered Supportive Housing Project is an acknowledged key piece of the puzzle for eliminating youth homelessness within our community by 2023.

The Bellevue Project is being renovated to include 8 independent POD living spaces (bachelor-type units), shared common space an a large communal kitchen. The new building will also have open communal area for meals, recreation, celebrations and holidays as well as thoughtfully designed spaces for health care, 1:1 meetings and staff rooms. Support services, such as case management supports, mental health services and life skills acquisition will be available on-site 24 hours-day, 7 days a-week.

The Goal:

Our goal at Wyndham House is always to prevent youth from entering the shelter system if at all possible. That may mean diversion via family unification, a stay at a friend’s home with added supports and when those options are not available we need an effective place for transitional aged youth to Call Home.  Through this renovation, we will effectively shift our current model away from the old “group home” and congregant setting to provide a much needed and innovative “supportive housing model” for youth age 16-25 years.  Each youth will now truly have a private space to call their own.

Thank you to dedicated Build Partners!

Wyndham House would like to thank the Canada Ontario Community Housing Initiative. We would also like to thank The County of Wellington, The City of Guelph and Housing First For All for their tremendous level of support and our sincere thanks to DENSO, The Home Depot Canada Foundation and TD Bank for joining as Build Partners. Thank you to all Donors who have and continue to donate to our new build.

Bellevue Conceptual Design:



Let’s Open the Front Door together at the “Open House”  event, Spring 2023.




Press Release: